Very slow and jerky scrolling with IE problem

As i was optimizing the current design for Firefox and IE i came to a big problem of really slow scrolling in IE. Of course everything worked 100% ok with Firefox but not IE. I think that every designer has to get payed more when he’s designing a webpage just because IE takes a lot of time to make the css and html being displayed correctly.

So just add those couple of hours, the smashed keyboard and mouse, hair loss and other things that happen when you make the code work in Internet Explorer to your end quote. This is the most time consuming and boring thing to do when designing every website.

Now one of the problems that occur is the bad scrolling in IE. The whole page loads and scrolls really slow and jerky. It’s hard to figure out what part of the code is responsible for this bug. After some time i figured out it it the PNG transparent background that makes problems in IE.

If we look closer at me current transparent bg pattern in Firefox we ca see it’s a 5px X 4px in size and repeated.

Now this is the problem that IE doesn’t like. I really dunno why but it may eat up his memory or something.

So whats a solution for this if you want to have transparent bg? Well i fixed this with a new css style, that is only for IE 6 and above using this code:
<!–[if gt IE 6]>

This css file was a save as from the original file. I deleted all the css styles except the lines where i had the transparent png bg and then i changed the 5x5px one with a new 1×1 one. I saved the transparency but i lost the pattern in IE.

After that i haven’t had any problems with slow scrolling in IE. I know i may have lost the pattern, but i saved the transparency and got rid of the scrolling problem which was so bad that people would leave my site thinking it has spy ware or bad scripts etc.

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