Robert Mapplethorpe and his flower art photography

Robert Mapplethorpe is very well know of making impressive portraits, and is skilled in the arts of the flower and black and white photography. I’ll be showing you a collection of his flower art. He especially likes orchids and calla lilies. He brings the best out of them, beautiful colors, contrast, composition and lighting. All that is taken into consideration to make something really impressive.

You can learn a lot just by looking at each of his photos and analyzing them. The backgrounds are hand painted in my opinion. The flower seems to be positioned either next to the window if he uses natural light or he uses a window between the flower and his studio lights to make those nice shadows. The straight lines of those shadows that make diagonals work really good on our eyes. A really nice feeling not having a seamless background.

Robert Mapplethorpe also uses a really nice format that fits the flowers well, it’s almost a square(1 by 1), but that almost makes a really big difference. He also puts all those elements in a way that he creates balance. Every element works really well with other elements of the whole flower art photography.

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