Mosquito ringtone

I heard a nice buzz about a legendary ringtone for your mobile, that has a unique power. It has a ability not bo be heard by parents which means that only kids can hear it. I did a little research on this Mosquito ringtone and found some really interesting facts.

The rumor says that it can only be heard by teens, the Mosquito ringtone has become really popular among them. In theory adults can’t hear the ring tone because of the frequency it’s playing at.

We can hear noise from about 2 Khz to 20 Khz, but the oldr we get, the less we can hear. So a adult of the age of can only hear about 2Khz to 11Khz.

So the Mosquito ring tone was made on the 17Khz frequency so only teenagers can hear it.

I’ve also read that it was first made to annoy teenagers by adults. But teenagers used it against them and made it for their own use.

I have also found demo of the Mosquito ringtone, but it’s in mp3 so it isn’t at the best quality so it may not work so well. Here is the LINK.


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