I love sketch, software for 3D modelers that know how to draw

I have mixed feeling about this product. This is a really amazing software that let’s you create 3D models with a graphic tablet, it’s fast and really accurate. You really interact with your model. Check out this video.

ILoveSketch from Seok-Hyung Bae on Vimeo.

As you see it is easier and a lot faster to create models this way, but the problem is, that you need drawing skills for this and if you don’t have them, your models would become a bit odd. Now the people who know how to draw should have it easy to create models. But will the others that don’t be left with no work? Illustrators draw characters on paper, 3D modelers make the models, so 2 people do this things and if we teach one of them the other skill or technique, one of them may get fired and the other one would do work for 2 but would get payed for only 1 person. That’s the problem with technology. But overall it is a amazing software.

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