Graphic design by me with a help of Kanye – Flashing lights

Today’s post will be something different, i figured i’d show you less videos of other people and their work, and instead show you more of mine. But i’ll still post other stuff, just that i’ll be a bit more pickier. After a hard day of work, i took about an hour for myself (that was just for designing the graphic design below, rendering took couple of hours more).

I’ve closed msn and all those chat things that could bother me and put up the Kanye West album Graduation. The song Flashing lights helped me get ideas and creativity so it’s in the video to hear. I fasten the video about 10x so you wouldn’t be looking at it for an hour but just as long as the music plays.

Although i noticed i could have left the last frame up for couple of seconds. So below are also the images of the final product and a 100% zoom to view the details.

Hope you like it.

Here is the video:

Flashing lights my way, graphic design from darjanpanic on Vimeo.

And here are the images:

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